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The Whole Health Scan--Body Analysis


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The Whole Health Scan--Body Analysis


When you always feel you are healthy, have you ever asked yourself "Am I REALLY healthy?" and "Am I sure about it?" or " How healthy am I? ". Think for 1 minute before you answer them.

If all of the answers are "Yes.", that is fantastic! Come to SRHC, let's clear what "healthy" means, and SRHC will help you to prove it.

If all of the answer are "No." or "Not sure.", that is OK, and totally normal. Congratulations! You are in the right place! SRHC will help you to get a clear picture of your total health, and let's work together to improve it for you.

SRHC highly recommends that everyone, who comes for the first time, finish a whole Body Analysis before consultation. It gives you objective information in 22 reports which contains more than 130 tested items.

ATTENTION! It is NOT only based on your feeling, it is "What your body is".


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