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South Riding Health Consulting, LLC is a woman-owned business located in South Riding, Virginia. It is owned and operated by June Alsgaard (Jun Li),RN.

June was born prematurely when her mom was only 6 months pregnant. When she was born, she had a ventricular septal defect (VSD) and the left ventricle of her heart was smaller than normal. After a month living in an incubator she was still alive (much to everyone's amazement). With her body really weak she had to go to the hospital over 5 times per week. Fortunately for her, there are many traditional Chinese doctors in her family and she went to one of the best hospitals in China. After enduring years of treatments, June was alive and well. She became stronger every day.

Based on these experiences and in order to work as a professional healthcare provider to help more people who are not healthy enough, she chose to study in medical school and studied there for 5 years as a full-time student. Her credential transferred successfully and she is an RN in the U.S.A. now. June also received her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Peking University, the top university in China and amongst the top 30 universities around the world.

The more she studied and worked in the hospital, the more she realized "Being healthy does not only mean the body is not sick." She knows health is the most important thing for everyone and one of those things which regularly gets ignored.

In order to help people know their body better and to help them stay healthy, June launched South Riding Health Consulting, LLC, which will provide health scan and tailored health consultations. Now people can get a clear picture of their health, from head to toe, both inside and out. June also provides professional nutritional advice including Chinese tips which have been proven over thousands of years.

The goal for South Riding Health Consulting, LLC is helping people live smart, control their health, stay away from medicine’s side effect as much as possible and carry on their life of luxury.

Around 12 years ago June’s skin was harmed by a skincare accident. The skin on her face was over-exfoliated by doing face massage "too long" with a Facial Scrub. Actually, it was not too much for regular skin, but it was too much for June's skin. The result was that her face became extremely sensitive, and it was impossible for her to use any skincare products, including world famous brands like Clinique, Lancôme, Estee Lauder and so on. However, without protection, the skin would become worse and worse. June was very worried about it and tried to solve the problem by many different means.

At the same time she was lucky to be studying in one of the best Medical Universities in China. This gave her a better chance to do research to fix her skin. After much hard work and many experiments, she began making skin cream by herself to find a formula suitable for her. It took her over 5 years to do thousands of experiments with different formulas, but finally she found the perfect formula for her skin. Now her skin is not perfect, but it is at least normal again. Through these experiments she not only solved her own skin problem, but she now also understands different types of skin. She accumulated numerous skin tips and can work with just about any type of skin condition.

June believes that nature is the best cure, and she found using things which can be consumed for skin care are the safest. Now she is happy to share her skin care tips based on Chinese traditional medical knowledge to help more people live and look healthy.

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